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About Green Bean Books

Green Bean Books is a new, independent publishing company which focuses on translating and sharing work from some of Israel's best loved authors and illustrators. Carefully handpicking original and thoughtful Israeli children's books, we aim to publish only the most inspiring work. We ensure that all of our books have meaningful Jewish content, as well as attractive and creative illustrations.

We promise you won't be able to put any of these books down - not only because of the exciting stories, but also because Green Bean Books print and produce high quality products that are truly enjoyable to hold.

Latest Blog Post: English language edition of Rinat Hoffer’s The Shoebox

Tuesday, 18th April 2017

Green Bean Books is delighted to announce that later this year we will be publishing the first English language edition of Rinat Hoffer’s The Shoebox. The book is a beautifully-illustrated story of a young girl who explores the year’s Jewish festivals through the prism of a shoebox that her father gives her. Rinat Hoffer is one of Israel’s best known and admired children’s writers and illustrators. The book has been translated by Noga Applebaum and it is the first of the new Green Bean Books list.!

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