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The Heart-Shaped Leaf

Take a peak inside

Written by Shira Geffen
Illustrated by David Polonsky

Price: £12.99 / $21.95
Pages: 32
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781784382629


‘Mesmerisingly illustrated . . . A comforting fable about parenting, loss and love.’ Angela Kiverstein, The Jewish Chronicle

‘The book is so captivatingly beautiful, so meticulously and carefully produced, so technically perfect, so attentive to its wording, that it’s worthy of some kind of supreme seal of quality.’ Yael Dar, Haaretz

‘Geffen has written a fable-like text with multiple meanings . . . This has been achieved by Shira Geffen, modestly, wisely and simply.’ Lea Aini, Maariv

‘Geffen is an ocean of talent. This is one of the most beautiful children’s book to ever appear, and not only in Hebrew . . . Thrilling.’ Yaron Fried, Hair

  • Illustrated by David Polonksy, award-winning artist responsible for the Anne Frank graphic novel

  • Winner of two international book awards


Winner of The Hadassah Prize for Children’s Literature 2003 and The Israel Museum Prize for Illustration 2004

‘So captivatingly beautiful . . . it’s worthy of some kind of supreme seal of quality.’ Yael Dar, Haaretz

This magical tale follows a little girl named Alona on her journey through a windswept park. As she rests under a tree to eat an apple, a golden leaf falls from the branches above. This leaf is different to all the others. It’s heart-shaped, and it protects Alona from the pouring rain. But does this enchanted leaf belong to her? And will she keep her new treasure or help it end its way home?

Author Details

Shira Geffen’s delicate, vivid and moving fantasy, perfectly illustrated by Polonsky’s intricate pictures, is one of the most beautiful children’s books to ever appear. A touching and poetic story for 4–8-year-olds.

Illustrator Details

David Polonsky has illustrated several picture books and also works as a teacher of animation and illustration. He was head illustrator for the film Waltz with Bashir, a critically acclaimed animated documentary and is the illustrator of the new, highly acclaimed Anne Frank graphic novel.

Shira Geffen comes from Tel Aviv and is a playwright, director, actor and children’s author.

She has written four books for children. The Heart Shaped Leaf has also been translated into Swedish, Arabic and Persian.